The Morpheus Effect. A Top Sales Approach.

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The movie “The Matrix” was released 17 years ago on 1999. Many of us remember the cutting edge technology it used ie. the 360 degree turn before Trinity delivers a mid air kick to the police officer.

After watching the movie like a thousand times, the most memorable part(to me) of the movie is when Morpheus asks Neo to pick a pill, the red or the blue one.

As viewers, we know deep down that Neo would choose the red pill and the journey begins!


Deep down I think Morpheus is a top of the league salesman who ensures that his prospect says yes to whatever he is selling. Don’t believe me?

Lets dissect the whole sales process before Neo decides to buy…..I mean choose the red pill.

Lets just imagine before the movie starts……. Morpheus knows for sure Neo aka Thomas Anderson is the chosen one that will save humanity! But how is he going to approach(prospect) and eventually convince(close the sale) Neo to take the red pill? Morpheus decides to hold a sales meeting with his crew and discuss.

Trinity proposes to just present themselves and runs through the whole story of how machines eventually took over the earth and use humans as batteries to fuel them. She goes on to try and convince Morpheus that it can be a fast sale. Morpheus gives some thought and decides to turn down her proposal. It would be a 50-50 chance that Neo would join them. He decides that in order for Neo to be sold it would take a more elaborate and time consuming process but it would ensure a higher rate of success.

1) Branding/Presence/Teaser. Remember in the movie that Neo knew about Morpheus way before he had met him? What he had was just snippets of the brilliance they call Morpheus. Did he have any idea who Morpheus was? No. But he sure got curious though.

2) Solving an immediate problem(FOC). Remember the scene where Neo received a courier package and it was a Nokia Banana phone? Morpheus communicated with Neo at the most crucial moment when the agents appeared to arrest him. Neo almost got out of the situation but nonetheless got arrested by agent Smith. But do remember that it was because Neo chickened out last minute at the ledge of the window when Morpheus asked him to leap. But did Morpheus’s presence in Neo’s mind get elevated. “Oh Yeah!!!”

3) Introduction. After all that Neo had been through(including the fast surgical procedure to suck the bug out of Neo’s abdomen), he finally gets to meet Morpheus. Does he get an over enthusiatic Morhpeus who runs up to him and says :” Hi Neo! We have been waiting hundreds of years for you to come save us humans!!!” ?

Nope, instead you see a chilled out cool dude sitting on a nice leather chair. The whole time you can tell that Neo is more eager to hear what Morpheus has to say.

End of his explanation, well we know that Neo took the red pill. But lets put ourselves in Morpheus’s shoes, he must have been a nervous wreck when showing Neo the red and blue pill….Thats normal, but Morpheus was so composed the whole time.

To summarise, I am truly convinced that it was their top priority to get Neo on board but they took time to prepare and execute their plan. Oh boy, did it work. So what is your next big plan?

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Lionel, The Pixel Geek

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