Would You Pay A Salesman $3000 to Generate $10000 of profit?

That would be awesome wouldn’t it?

An independent go getter who closes deal after deal for you and you nett $7,000 every month from him.

With the right strategies deployed in Social media Marketing that could be the scenario for you.


With 2 BILLION eyeballs on Social Media daily(4 Million in Singapore), your ideal customers are there for you to acquire.

But most businesses or sales professional fail in their campaigns. Here lies the problem.

They put a lot of effort in every activity but when it comes to marketing, they get LAZY. A lot of people have this idea that its as simple as placing ads and hordes of customers will just come pouring in.

Recently, I spoke to a F&B business owner,John, with this opinion: “I get so much traffic to my website but I got ZERO sales! Social Media Marketing is just bull crap! I am going back to flyers distribution and cold calls!”


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 10.40.36 am

I dug just a little bit deeper and this is what I found out. There were many problems with his campaign but there was one main one which affected his campaign greatly.

He ran an ad on Facebook and directed traffic to his business website. On the website you see a menu and a contact number to reserve a booking. Thats it.

He ran the ad with a daily budget of $100 over 30 days. Thats $3,000.

You know what he paid for with a campaign set up like that?

Untitled design (6)

What he paid for was essentially a very expensive brochure distributor who goes: “Hey I see you like what we are selling, take this flyer back and call us when you are ready.”

There are marketers out there, ah hem, who are able to generate 3X , 5X even in some case 10X the profit from the same ad spend.

Instead of a static website as your landing page, you can create a funnel(sales process) where you can lead the customer from a browser to a buyer.

I prepared a Free Report “3 Steps to a Million Dollar Empire”

In it, I map out 3 steps you need to deploy for a successful online marketing campaign.

So stop wasting money and deploy the right strategies for a profitable social media campaign.


To your marketing success!

Lionel Sim, The Pixel Geek

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.08.52 pm

If you wish to schedule a call to discuss launching a kick ass campaign for you, shoot me an email lionel@thepixelgeek.com. I am only interested to at least 2X your current sales. If not whats the point right?


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