Two Guerrilla Tactics To Drive Sales With Facebook Marketing

Everybody is saying how great Facebook as a paid advertising platform is and how targeted it is etc….

I absolutely agree 100%!

Of all the traffic sources out there, it is my absolute favourite. With 2 billion active users worldwide plus how you can segment your audiences and target them based on conversion objectives, nothing comes close to it at the moment as a Social Media Marketing Platform.

BUT and a huge BUT is that marketers are starting to feel the pinch as the cost of acquiring customers is getting higher.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 9.32.27 am.png

The reason is simple, big companies and brands are starting to allocate part of their marketing budget to Facebook Ads. With millions in their budget, it is getting tough for small businesses or individuals to compete for the attention of potential customers.

Thats the bad news, the good news is a lot of these companies are not placing ads strategically. I “spy” on competitor’s ads and I realised that many of them spend big budgets but get lazy with the delivery.

The thing with Facebook ads is that its different from your newspaper classified ads, magazine ads and billboards. These forms of media just take your ad and place it based on your budget. Facebook’s algorithm actually tracks your ad’s performance based on your objective and engagement. If your objective is “Purchase” and your ad delivers a good number of purchases, great! Your CPM(Cost per Mile, the cost to reach a 1000 people) goes down.


Another factor is your ad’s engagement. Facebook likes to reward ads with high engagements by lowering their CPM or rather giving them a discount for CPM. The more people taking action(Clicking through, video view of 3 seconds and up, like, comments…) , your engagement score goes up and hence you get rewarded with a lower CPM.

So now we know what is going on behind the scenes, what strategies can we deploy to our advantage.

Ok you need to know that we are all “Davids” and the brands with big budgets are “Goliaths”. We shouldn’t just go head on with them trying to outbid them to reach our desired prospects online right from the start.

Over past two years, I have used two tactics that have helped my clients’ campaigns at least 2X their sales/revenue.

But before we dive into these two tactics, I want to talk a little bit about targeting. This is a very essential ingredient for your marketing success!

Audience Targeting

Now if you’ve joined any Facebook Marketing Groups or attended any courses by “experts” or “gurus”, they will encourage you to start with a big audience and layering a few interests/behaviours.

I totally disagree. When you are just starting out and your Facebook Ad account is new with no data in it, you need to laser target to a small size with the highest possibility of converting. Once your Ad account has enough data, yes you can go broad and start scaling your campaigns

For example, I have a personal project and the niche is dog owners in need for puppy/dog training. My targeted country is the United Kingdom , FB audience about 40 million. My audience that I target is only 100K. Thats only 0.25% of the entire population.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.25.24 am.png

The thing is if your ad or post doesn’t work on a narrow targeted audience, it is very unlikely to work on a broad one.

Ok time for the two guerrilla tactics.

Tactic 1

Before you even want to run a conversion ad to compete. You need to warm up your target audience first.

The best type of ad to do that will be an engagement post(PPE).

Start off with a $1 budget per day and run it for 7 days per post.

Yes thats a $7 total budget per post.

And what I need you to do here is to test out about 5 images/posts. Thats a total budget of $35.

What’s the ad copy? Try to make it non sales like and more of a post that looks like its coming from a friend or a personal profile. You could point that ad to a blog post that is related to your niche.

Coming back to my personal project. This was the post that performed well after 7 days.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.31.08 am

328 post reactions, 5 comments and 9 shares with total spend of $7. Not too shabby.

Now I know this image and post is working, I can choose to run a conversion ad off this post or start a new one using this image.

For the audience who interacted with my posts, I set up a budget to retarget them with a conversion ad too. The cost per acquisition of this retargeting ad was 80% lower than the normal one! Remember this set of audience already warmed up with you.

Let the performing engagement ad continue to run as your conversion ads start running too.

This Tactic has helped me outbid the competition many times over. One major takeaway is never just test one image/post. You are leaving too much to fate and hope.

*TIP: If you look at my Facebook Page profile, it shows my picture with my name “Leo Sim”, its doesn’t look like a Company/Brand Facebook Page, more like a personal profile. That is how you want to set up your Facebook Page. It will help you drive up engagements and conversions.

Tactic 2

Now, I want to ask you. Does your niche have haters?

What? Yes, I want you to think of haters for your niche.

Will your ad campaign make the haters go emotionally charged and attack your post with angry faces and hateful comments?

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.07.39 am

Ok let me quote one example.

Near the end of 2016, during the Presidential Election campaign period, there were obvious two camps of supporters, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

I had an Ecommerce store back then targeting cat owners and I sold T shirts, Caps, Hoodies to them.

I ran an image post ad and targeted both Trump supporters and Clinton Supporters(Through their Fan pages).

Here is the image post. Now if you are from USA don’t get pissed if you are anti-Trump.


Too bad I sold that Ecommerce store and no proof but can you imagine the back and forth comments, likes and shares I received?

This post went viral with a lot of requests asking me to put it on T shirts, Tank Tops and Hoodies. I didn’t really go crazy with the budget but I was making about $100 nett profit from every $5 spent. Crazy…

Because of the huge engagement, I was rewarded with very cheap CPMs and clicks. It is always best to leave the comments alone and let the supporters and haters “fight” it out.

I had no expectations at all with this image post. It was one of the 5 posts I was testing and  lets face it, it is kind of ugly and creepy looking. But there was a market for it so ABT(Always Be Testing).

Oh yes, I did get “near death” threats in my private inbox for that page. Talk about emotionally charged.

This tactic works like crazy but you need to be emotionally ready and not get involved with squabbles in the comments section.

So there you have it. Two strategies to help you increase conversions/sales for your Facebook advertising campaigns

If you wish to get more tips like this ,you need to download my Report, “3 Steps to a Million Dollar Empire”.CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

To your marketing success!

Lionel Sim, The Pixel Geek

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.08.52 pm

I help small businesses and sales professionals to at least 2X their sales/revenue with my customised marketing campaigns. If not 2X whats the point right?

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