Is your online persona a WOLF or SHEEP?

Have you watched “Wolf of Wall Street” the movie?

In the movie, Jordon Belfort motivates his troops with pain points and amplifies his success by throwing $50,000 rolex watched at them. The message is pretty clear “You want to win pick up the phone and dial! You want to be a loser go work at Mcdonalds!”

It worked like a charm. At his peak he was making 50 over million dollars a year.

If you are marketing yourself online you need to think hard what your persona is going to be like.  Are you a wolf or sheep?

The thing is I see a whole lot of online marketers trying to model Jordon’s approach and boy, do they really amplify(LOUD) it.

Untitled design

I see a whole lot of them starting their intros with “hey I have this cool system…blah blah…..ok let me show you while I hop into this awesome car and tell you about it.”

They must be doing pretty well or they wouldn’t be able to afford to rent,oops I mean buy, those awesome cars right?

And then they go on to show past clients with AMAZING results and at the closing, the message is pretty much the same. You need brain surgery to remove the stupid out of you if you don’t take their offer.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 9.18.14 am

My persona is pretty much the opposite. I am a sheep I guess.

I don’t think you care what car I drive. My messages are all about my prospect’s (potential clients) present situation.

I don’t push an offer at them straight after I brag(which I don’t). But how can a sheep make a sale? Thats the desired end result right?

Before I even make an offer, I’ll just give out something like a freebie, a preview. And this freebie actually contains value whereby the prospect actually gains benefits straight away.

The preview actually lets the prospect have a sneek peek of what it will be like to work with you.

If they don’t take up their offer, your values or way of working is misaligned anyway so that is good.

If they do take up your offer, you will probably have a customer that stays with you because your values are pretty much aligned.

So yes I am trying to make a sale at the end of this blog post but I’d like you to have a preview first; before we can consider each other a good match.

I run a boutique digital marketing agency that aims to at least 2X my clients’ current sales revenue(If not whats the point right?).

So if you are a digital marketer with something to sell, I have an online course for that BUT I want you to have a sneak peek first, my free report “3 Steps to a Million Dollar Empire”.

So CLICK HERE to claim this Report and maybe someday we can work together. 🙂

Lionel Sim, The Pixel Geek

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