CONFESSION. I lie to my prospects.

You may be thrown off by the title of this blog but let me explain why.

I run a digital marketing agency that creates marketing campaigns to find the ideal prospects for my clients through paid online ads, engage the clients through a front end funnel, collect their contact details(leads), set up a ongoing engagement back end campaign to warm up the leads. I write copy and put out engaging content for these ideal prospects and eventually convert them into sales.

That really is a mouthful isn’t it?Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 10.55.19 am

So when I run my own online marketing campaigns to find my ideal clients, I can’t load them with so much information can I?

The average attention span of someone surfing the web is 8 seconds(I believe is lower), if I can’t get my initial message across in 8 seconds I have lost them.

So I keep it short and run my own campaigns based on what the prospect “thinks” he needs. Everyone wants more sales right?

My initial message in my ads will be something like get higher conversions/sales through social media marketing by engaging me, a hardcore strategist. And I will promote say Facebook as the platform because of the audience size and engagement rate etc…

Many business owners who contact me after seeing my campaigns are actually expecting an agency that just place ads on Facebook on their behalf.

When I get on a call with them, then I will explain that yes I was lying. I don’t just pace ads on Facebook and drive traffic to your website/landing page.My solutions are customised around their business and it goes way beyond just advertising.

It involves sitting down and working out how we are going to plan, create and execute a full marketing campaign that will at least 2X their current sales revenue( Yes that is my KPI, I always say if not whats the point?).

Some of them will find it too troublesome or costly and prefer a packaged advertising deal. I will recommend some competitors to them. Yes I am sending business to my competitors. Its not just good manners it leaves a good impression with the prospect even though no business was done.

Similarly when I run campaigns for my clients, we need to lie a little. You can’t just dump all your whole stretch of products and services to your ideal prospects when you only have 8 seconds of airtime. Pick the one that will most likely make them take action, the best will be one that will normally solve an immediate problem they are likely to have.

So there, you have it. I am done with my confession.

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Lionel Sim, The Pixel Geek

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