Add These 5 Elements in Your Ad Copy or Sales Letters and Your Sales will Soar!

Instead of deploying a human to run through the sales process with a prospect, many businesses are going digital and using ad copies to replace salesmen.

But little do they know that instead of an effective sales person, they deployed these guys.

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Let’s face it, nobody wants to face a pushy sales person online or offline but too many are making the same mistakes.

One of the main ones you will realise is they focus too much on their products and all the great stuff their products can do.

Look at the top players like Apple and Nike and you will realise their approach is so different.

Their ad copies will contain elements from the five below, or perhaps all of them.

The next time when you write, look through and cross check with these five and if you fulfil all of them, your sales will soar.

1) Encourage your prospect’s dreams

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Imagine you are a child who aspires to be a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Your over protective mum tries to steer you away from this dream for fear of safety. Your mum has the very best intentions as she wants to protect her baby from “harm” or “danger”.

You happen to walk past a recruitment booth for the Air Force, and pause to look at the brochures. The recruitment officer, a fighter pilot himself, walks over and starts a conversation.

He finds out you have always dreamt of being a pilot and he starts getting excited, shares his stories, his journey and fuelling that fire inside you.

At that moment, who has more power over you? Your mum or the fighter pilot whom you just met?

2) Justify their failures

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If your product or service is supposed to improve your prospect’s life in certain aspects like wealth and health, chances are they have tried your competitor’s product or service and failed.

Lets say you are in the weight loss/health industry. Your ideal prospect would be someone overweight and wants to lose weight obviously right?

There is a high chance that they have fallen off the wagon several times.

Too many marketers make the mistake of telling the prospect to own their failures and take responsibility.

While accepting responsibility is important to gain control of their life, assuring them they are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the plight they are in is essential for gaining influence over them.

You want to see how this is played out at the highest level, look no further than politics.

3) Allay your prospect’s fears

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 7.10.49 PM.png

Many people know that you need to get rid of the fear someone has. What do they do?

They flat our tell them not to be afraid and expect it to do the trick.

What if you pay special attention and find out the root cause? You work with your prospect by presenting evidence, stories and support to make the fear subside.

Which type of person do you think will likely clinch the deal?

4) Confirm Their Suspicions

People are naturally suspicious when something new is presented to them.

They still have the belief that change is possible but are skeptical to move forward.

If you can align your personal story about how you once had the same suspicions, and go in to detail about how you overcame them…it will draw them to you. There is a connection and bond built because you share similar experiences.

5) Throw Rocks at their enemies

This may throw you off a little but let me explain.

But you’d have to agree that nothing bonds like having a common enemy.

Ok here’s my explanation:

If your prospect is in a struggle, they have enemies. The thing they are struggling with is their enemy.

The “enemies” can be in the form of a person, a group, an illness, a setback, a belief or even religion. Believe it or not, he/she is looking for someone to join them. Those who do connect with them will become friends/partners.

And there you have it, these are the 5 elements you need to include when you launch your online marketing campaigns.


To your Marketing Success!

Lionel, The Pixel Geek

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