Social Proof Matters.

Here is a story to illustrate why social proof matters.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.40.24 AM

There was a company selling ceiling fans and they just employed two salesmen, Jim and Roy, to promote their products.

Now this company was doing very well in sales at a town called George Town. Almost 60% of the households there had their ceiling fans installed.

They had difficulty gaining traction in the town next to it, Hugh Town.

Hence they employed Jim and Roy who had outstanding careers in sales prior to help them.



By the end of the first week, Jim secured 12 orders and Roy recorded a whopping 58 orders! Almost 5 times more than Jim.

Here were their opening pitch(elevator pitch if you must call it) when they went door to door.

1. Jim

Hi, would you like to know how you can save $600 per year in utilities bill by installing our state of the art energy saving ceiling fans? PLUS you get to save the earth by doing so too!

2. Roy

Hi, did you know that 60% of your neighbours in George Town are saving $600 per year in power bills? Would you like to know why?

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.04.26 AM

Did you notice Roy didn’t even mention the ceiling fans? His opening pitch will probably get a reaction like “WHAT? They are saving $600 per year?” And in their minds they are already thinking “I’d better not miss out on whatever the fellas in George Town are enjoying.

Many businesses know that social proof is important but they make mistakes executing this powerful tool.

Deploy this strategy the right way and your sales revenue will reach new heights!

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Lionel, The Pixel Geek

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Do the same thing as what 90% of the marketers do and you’ll get the same results but it is not enough just being different. Stand out from the crowd with an electrifying online persona that your ideal prospects adore.


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