Social Media Marketing. The anti-Cold Call approach.

Lets imagine you are driving home from work at about 6pm, thinking about the delicious dinner your wife is preparing for you.

The traffic light ahead of you turns red and you stop. BAM! A small delivery van rear-ends you. You get out of the car to check the damage and the happy mood you experienced instantly disappears.

While you are thinking of the inconvenience of arranging the repairs, your phone rings!

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 7.12.07 AM.png

“Hello sir, I am Jill calling from Precision Targeting Gym. Would this be a good time to talk now? Just you know, you have been selected to receive a complimentary 30 minute body transformation session.”

Now you and I know how this phone call will end. In the worst case scenario for gym, you may even yell at her “NO! NO! NO! Don’t call me again!”

For the record, I am not dissing cold calling based on this scenario.

Instead imagine the accident did not happen and Jill from the gym called. The chances of that call going well would have been very high wouldn’t it? You were in a good mood, and the conversation between you might have been enjoyable too.

That big unknown variable in a successful cold calling strategy would be timing. If you have the right offer and targeting the right prospect, AND delivering the right message at the RIGHT TIME…. your results would be positive.


Lets look at using Social Media Marketing in this case.

You just finished your wonderful dinner and relaxing on your couch. By habit you pull out your mobile phone and start looking at your Facebook newsfeed.

After scrolling upwards a few times, you see a video of a class of people grinding and puffing in a gym placed there by Precision Targeting Gym.

You look at the headline which reads ” Free 30 minute body transformation session”, then look at your tummy and think “hmmmm… I need this.”

Just then, your wife calls you “sweetie, would you like some apple crumble for dessert?”

“OH YEAH!” and you drop your mobile and head for dessert.

You might think… Oh… so close… the gym would have gotten him to sign up if the wife didn’t interrupt him.

The fact is …that went great! You were relaxed and that video played while you were feeling full from dinner…it got you thinking of getting in shape.

The gym will eventually get the customer as long as they have a re-engaging or re-targeting sequence set in place.

It has a much higher chance of delivering the right message AT THE RIGHT AND MOST APPROPRIATE TIME.

If you are running a business or you are a sales professional, you can’t afford to ignore this way of prospecting. This is where the attention of the masses are when they are probably the most relaxed.

I hope this helped in planning for your marketing strategy!

To your success!

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.08.52 pm

Lionel Sim, Chief Content Creator of The Pixel Geek



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