Donating to Non-Profit Organisations will fetch a positive ROI.

I heard this story when I attended a talk by Dr Jeff Alexander, who owns a chain of dental clinics.

A few days before Christmas, Dr Jeff, decided he would do something different for his staff.

Besides handing them a nice Christmas bonus and throwing an office party, there was an after party. But not an ordinary one.

It was after lunch time when the office party ended. He handed each of his staff a wrapped present and told them to board a chartered bus. The staff were told to leave the presents unopened.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.25.56 PM.png

The destination? A local orphanage.

Dr Jeff had organised an after party at the local orphanage for the kids and each staff had a present and a child assigned to them.

He described that day’s scene where the staff handed the presents and hugging the children as priceless. There was not a single pair of dry eyes amongst the staff.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.46.29 PM.png

Now imagine a year or two has passed. If you were to ask any of the staff how much they received for their Christmas bonus, they might forget. BUT the memory of that afternoon will be embedded in their heads and hearts forever.

What Dr Jeff gave the staff was the gift of giving which was priceless.

OK that sounds great. But what about positive ROI am I talking about?

We have touched on the altruistic part now lets talk about the practical part.

After that event, do you think the staff would be more or less productive? Would it be voluntary?

If the business faces difficulty or if a competitor poaches the staff, would they be more or less likely to leave?

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 7.58.16 PM.png

Now if you work for a non profit organisation and you are in charge of marketing to organisations for donations, imagine if you can pull out data and show the Head of HR the improvement in talent retention.

Pull out actual figures in savings from not losing valuable staff plus rehiring and training, you’d be surprised at the huge figure $XXX you’d arrive at.

If you do it right, not only will you get a sizeable cash donation but you can get them to deploy staff to participate in your events.

If you work in this role I hope this blog post have given you some ideas.

AND if you’d like my help(marketing wise), feel free to reach out to me.


Hope you enjoyed this one.

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Lionel Sim, The Pixel Geek


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