Why I’d choose a Funnel over a Website

You just started a business and everyone around you tells you that you need a website. You register for a company, chances are website development companies will be approaching you to build a website.

Now I am not dissing websites but lets take an in depth look. Lets say you decided to build a website.

The website layout will probably have a story(about us), catalog(products and services) and a contact form. Of course there may be more depending on your requirements.

Lets pretend that the internet never existed. What would be the physical representation of a traditional website? A flyer/brochure distributor.

You browse the website(scan the brochure), if you like what you see….. you send a message through the contact form(you call the number on the brochure).

Now what is a funnel? Well it is a website that has a sequence that turns prospects to paying customers.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.13.41 AM

The first impression on the Funnel should answer these two questions:

1. What immediate problem can I solve?

2. What do I have to offer?

Ok lets use my expertise as an example. I help businesses/sales professionals to at least double their current sales revenue by designing and executing my Custom Marketing Blueprint.

So the first page I’d like to show my ideal prospect would be:

1. Are you struggling to hit your sales target?

2. Download my eReport on how to exceed your sales target by XXX% by implementing these steps…..

Then there are steps after that to convert that prospect to a paying customer.

The physical representation of a Funnel? A salesman. It can be a super salesman if you built your Funnel right.

“WHOAH thats kinda brief isn’t it?” you might think.

Let me explain. Traditional websites work great!… IN THE PAST.

Websites were browsed on mostly laptops/desktops not too long ago. Not anymore, now mobile devices account for more than 60% of the website traffic.


AND thanks to so much distractions in this digital age, the average attention span of a human being is only 8 seconds!

You have that 8 seconds to tell your audience what you can solve and how do they get it. If its a traditional website where they need to navigate here and there to see if you can help them… Its only a matter of time they exit your site and continue watching some K drama or continue browsing their social media newsfeed.

Now like I said I am not dissing websites. To me its a great place to park my awesome blog posts (like the one you are reading now).

BUT if you can only have one in your inventory. Which one would you choose?

Website(Flyer/Brochure distributor) or a Funnel(Salesman).

Hope you enjoyed this one.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.08.52 pm

Lionel Sim, Chief Content Creator of THE PIXEL GEEK


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