How to stand out like a “Purple Cow” in your industry

What does a purple cow mean?

Its a term taken from Seth Godin’s book “The Purple Cow” and he describes it as “being so remarkable(or unique) as a business that people can’t help but to notice you—just as someone would stop in their tracks if they noticed a purple cow in a field as they were driving down the road.”

Yes , you’ve guessed right. It also means Unique Selling Proposition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 9.08.01 PM.png

In the Social Media Marketing space, there is just so crowded with noise in our industries that too many marketers mistake being unique as being louder. Or worse still some of them deploy “baits” and “gimmicky distractions” to make themselves stand out. Not gonna call out names but I leave it to you to judge.

In fact, the way to be the purple cow is pretty obvious and effective. Here are three examples:

  1. Look deep into your business and seek out the “pain points” of your ideal prospects and address it like nobody else does.

  2. Be upfront and transparent about what you offer. Let the ideal prospect know exactly what they are getting if they engage/hire you. This is highly frowned upon in my industry(digital marketing consultancy) where many others reserve “the good stuff” for their paying clients.

          I believe in letting my prospects now whats the “good stuff” I am              offering upfront. It is refreshing to now what you are getting even            before considering hiring a service right?

      3. Give out valuable content and even “samples” of your                                   products/services upfront. And don’t make that stupid mistake                 like many who make the redemptions so difficult and                                     cumbersome.Treat the giveaway like a purchase, you get what I                 mean.

Do your research around your industry and look at the above three pointers. I am sure you can deploy at least one in your marketing strategy.

So what is your purple cow?

Hope you find this blog post useful.

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Lionel Sim, Marketing Advisor of The Pixel Geek

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