The Most Profitable Person For Your Business is YOU

Whenever I speak to my clients who are trying to brand themselves on Social Media, this is probably one of the hardest challenges I face.

I show them examples of successful influencers like Gary Vaynerchuk and ask them what do they think. “Oh Lionel, should I swear on camera like him?” Me: *Slap my forehead* ….

What I am trying to say is Gary is himself 100% on and off camera, in his books, blogs, Vlogs ….everywhere!


We have been conditioned by traditional media like TV that in order to get attention, you need to be in the “zone” or you need to clone a “celebrity”.

Hell no.

Imagine you are on a face to face meeting with a prospect/customer. Do you prefer to be yourself or put on a “game” face?

In you business dealings, weren’t the best customers the ones who were able to connect with you beyond a business-customer relationship? Those are the kind of connections and time spent you enjoyed right?

Now imagine Social Media now has the power to help you seek out even more of these ideal customers for you. Just one criteria, be yourself. The same types of awesome prospects will be drawn to you.

So to summarise:

Be yourself. Everybody else’s identity has already been taken.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 1.08.52 pm

Lionel Sim, Marketing Blueprint Architect of The Pixel Geek

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