You don’t have to be first. JUST BE THE BEST.

Remember this sentence ” If you understand the problem your prospect has MORE than him, he will put in the WORK to do business with you.”

This is the key to closing more sales(high ticket ones). You don’t have to flash credentials and authority to make your ideal prospect come to you. Just this alone will set you apart from your well established competitors.

Let’s use one familiar company as an example. Apple.

Back in 2001, Apple launched the IPOD. Many in the industry felt that they came in late in the game. The first MP3 player had been launched 4 years before, 1997. The market is already full of different MP3 players.

Even Microsoft (who had many times more muscle financially) were in the game with their version, Zune. Zune has been discontinued by the way.

Steve Jobs knew there was still a gap in the industry even though the MP3 player eased the pain of carrying a pouch of CDs and a portable CD player.

Back then, if you only liked one song from an album , you’d still have to buy the whole album and load that one song into your MP3 player.

Steve knew that there was a market for people to pick and choose the songs they like and purchase them.

Record companies’ executives jumped on the idea with no hesitation. No overheads, no risk and Apple would be marketing the songs on their behalf…. No brainer.

Just by wrapping their solution around the consumer’s problem, they swooped in and took over 70% market share. Being late doesn’t matter does it?

If you use a “wide lens” and look at your industry’s competitors, you’d find many are trying hard to establish themselves by trying to impress with credentials AND track records blah blah blah…..

The customer doesn’t really care!

In your marketing messages, if you can wrap yourself around the customer’s pain/problem and UNDERSTAND it better than them PLUS you have the ability to bring them to where they want to be…. That’s all that really matters.

Makes sense?

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Lionel Sim

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