Drive Committed Customers To Your Business Without Dangling Discounts Or “Irresistible Offers”



Mr Benny Chang, a veteran optometrist for the past 16 years, have used every marketing platform for his business, Your Eye Guardian.

Over the years, he managed to build a profitable and sustainable business with a great business model and a great experience for his customers. He was just seeking a way to create a new breakthrough for his practice in terms of Sales Revenue.

After hiring  us, He managed to smash his sales record for the past 16 years with a record breaking Sales Revenue for a day within two weeks of our campaign running.
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Mr Misra, a 15 year Seasoned Physics Tuition Specialist,  had trouble filling his Post Year End Exams workshop with attendees.

We managed to generate 100 over leads which astonished him and 70% signed up to be his students.

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Before scrolling any further..

Could your look at the following sentences and PICK the one you agree with?

Option A- > You should COPY competitors by lowering your price to survive.

Option B-> You should DIFFERENTIATE from competitors by increasing perceived value so that you can command the price you rightfully deserve for your CORE SERVICES/PRODUCTS.

If you picked Option BCONGRATULATIONS! You are at the right place, please read on.

If you picked Option A …. I am sorry our values are not aligned and you might want to exit this site because you are not going to find any strategies or “tricks” on running irresistibly cheap tacky offers.

Ok, First off let’s get straight to what you want from a marketing campaign….

YOU DO NOT NEED LEADS. Yes thats right and I’ll tell you why.

PLAIN VANILLA AGENCIES(What we are NOT) normally:

  1. Generate leads for you and hands them over to you
  2. You call the leads WHEN you are available.
  3. A very small number of them show up at your business, some don’t show up  and some decide to ignore you.

Here’s why the number of customers that actually show up is so dismal….

In this day and age, due to the digital world we live in PLUS the massive distractions we are exposed to, there are just too many choices for the ideal prospect to consider.

When they do decide to submit their details for your company’s services, you have that precious 15 minute to one hour window to follow up OR ELSE they will turn their attention elsewhere.

THE PIXEL GEEK – A system is in place where we actually schedule the appointments for NEW CUSTOMERS into your work calendar.

We no longer just generate “leads” , we deliver customers through your door by taking up the duties of converting that lead into a committed new customer. The customer makes it through your doors and ready to commit to your product/service.

* Stop burning marketing dollars on “leads” and work with an agency that delivers what you truly want.

**Drop me an email for enquires.

Lionel Sim

*Founder and Marketing Advisor

More Kind Words by Clients

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This is a Video Testimonial by one of our clients, Dr Shaun Ang of Chiropractic Concepts. Great client to work with.